Concrete Cleaning & Sealing


The entrance to your business establishment is the first thing your customer’s see. Rite-Way can help you to maintain that important first impression by providing mobile, high pressure steam cleaning services. Concrete entryways, sidewalks and patios receive the brunt of pedestrian traffic and require regular cleaning to maintain a pristine establishment.

We utilize state of the art equipment to steam clean and degrease concrete surfaces, removing dirt, mold, mildew, oil, gum and salt. Whether you would like a onetime cleaning or have regularly scheduled services provided we can help. Please contact us at (614) 295-0026 and we will gladly survey your site and provide you with a free no obligation estimate.


Due to its porous nature, concrete is very susceptible to the intrusion of oils and salt which over time will erode and/or stain the surface. Rite-Way can seal your concrete with a product that will protect it from salt erosion and oil penetration. It is best to apply this product to newly poured concrete, however, application is effective regardless of the age of the concrete. This product has a 20 year warranty.


Matching the Perfect Concrete Sealer with the Given Situation
Most sealers are predominantly acrylic, silicate, silicone, silane, siloxane, resin, or wax based, and form a topical layer upon the surface of the concrete when applied. Even proclaimed penetrating sealers have short life or are sensitive to impurities and freeze / thaw conditions. Many discolor cement or concrete with an unpleasing appearance. Our sealer is a deep penetrating sealer with excellent internal chemical reaction fusion in the substrate. It also makes an excellent grout sealer. We can apply several different 20 year cement sealers each engineered for certain applications or environmental conditions.

Have questions? Give us a call at (614) 295-0026, we can help!