Grease Trap Services

Rite-Way Industrial Service offers a complete and comprehensive grease trap cleaning service which will keep you compliant with all federal, state, and municipal regulations.

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Grease Trap Cleaning & Maintenance

Grease Traps and Grease Interceptors are the heart of your kitchen’s main plumbing system.

Although simple in design, they are very effective in accomplishing their purpose which is; to keep grease from entering the public sewer system.

Grease Traps are small interior box-shaped devices usually plumbed directly to your 3-compartment sink. They can be above ground or below ground.

Grease Interceptors are large tanks buried outside. The main drain line from your kitchen flows to this device.
The standard volume of these tanks are 1,000 gallons but they can range in a variety of sizes.

How They Work

When grease enters your sink drains and floor drains it travels through lines to the grease trap (interior) or grease interceptor (exterior).
These devices are designed to slow the water flow down before it discharges into the public sanitary sewer.
During this retention time, the grease separates from the water and floats to the top. Solids that are present in the water are heavier and settle to the bottom of the tank.

Baffles in these devices are used to slow the water down. The positioning of the discharge pipe keeps the grease and solids from escaping and entering the public sewer system.

Cleaning Importance

The importance of having a regularly scheduled preventive maintenance cleaning program for these devices is so the grease and or solids do not accumulate and either allow:

a. Grease to exit the tank
b. Solids to block the discharge pipe

Grease entering the public sewer system will cause blockages that can create severe public health hazards and taxpayers are burdened with the cost of cleaning it up. If your facility is found to be discharging grease, fines can and most likely will be imposed upon you.

Solids building up in the bottom of the tank will eventually block the discharge line causing backups in your kitchen creating downtime and costly emergency drain cleaning services.

“Total Care” Preventive Maintenance

Rite-Way Industrial Services “Total Care” Preventive Maintenance Program will ensure that your grease trap or grease interceptor is running smoothly and efficiently, just as it was intended to.

Rite-Way will assist you by setting up a cost saving, preventive maintenance schedule, taking the concern away from your busy schedule. You can rest assured that Rite-Way Industrial Service, Inc. will maintain your grease trap professionally from start to finish.

Call (614) 295-0026 today to start your “Total Care” Preventive Maintenance Program!

Regulatory Compliance

Proper Maintenance of your grease trap is critical in order to have an efficiently operating system. Many problems can occur if the levels of collected FOG and solids are not monitored. Problems such as drain line blockages and backups, foul odors and much worse, FOG being discharged into city sewer lines which can lead to big fines.

No need to worry, all waste is properly manifested and disposed of at licensed disposal facilities ensuring your “Cradle to Grave” responsibilities are met. Waste manifests are archived and maintained at our office for seven years. To finish the job, our courteous uniformed technicians make sure all the proper documentation relating to your FOG / BMP program is up to date at the time of each cleaning.

To learn more about our Fats, Oils and Grease Best Management Plan (FOGBMP) click here or call 1(855) FOG-BMP1 to order yours today!