Oil & Water Separators

A properly functioning oil/water separator is critical to the operations of your maintenance garage or facility.

Neglect of these systems leads to back ups and flooding in your facility creating down time as well as the potential for prohibited discharge from your separation tank into the public sewer system.

Rite-Way Industrial Service offers comprehensive preventive maintenance cleaning programs for these systems.

Our trained technicians will pump out your separator, remove grates from floor trenches, clean out trenches, catch basins and drain lines and ensure water is flowing freely through the drains to the separator.

High pressure Hydro-Jetting is provided to clean drain lines that are impacted with debris.

Waste is manifested, transported and disposed of at an approved disposal facility.

Regulatory Compliance

As a waste generator you can rest assured that your waste stream will be handled in accordance with all federal, state and local governing authorities and regulations ensuring your “Cradle to Grave” responsibilities are met.

Your insurance for complying with these regulations comes by way of profiling, sampling and analysis of your waste stream. Rite-Way has trained technicians which will come to your site, retrieve a sample from the separator and bring it to a lab for analysis.

Full documentation is provided to you every step of the way including:

  • Technician Work Order for Sample Pulling
  • Chain of Custody
  • Lab Order Number
  • Case Narrative
  • Analytical Report
  • Special Waste Acceptance Application (Waste Profile Sheet)
  • Disposal facility approval letter
  • Signed waste manifests by the receiving disposal facility

If you have any questions, please call us at (614) 295-0026, we can help you through the process and ensure your compliance.