Petroleum Related Services

Underground Storage Tank Cleaning

Rite-Way utilizes the latest technology for the cleaning of your underground storage tanks. A 360 degree, fully rotational, impingement cleaning device scours away algae, bacteria, dirt, sludge and other contaminates and places them into solution for easy extraction.
All materials that can contaminate fuel are quickly and safely removed by the combination of powerful jets and cascading water.

This equipment is designed to clean 100% of the tank interior.
Waste is then vacuumed out, transported and disposed of at an approved disposal facility with accompanying manifests.

Water Extraction

Rite-Way Industrial Service, Inc. can provide water extraction from the following:

  •     Underground Storage Tanks
  •     Aboveground Storage Tanks
  •     Submersible Transfer Pump Sump Pits
  •     Fill, Probe and Vapor Recovery Containment Wells
  •     Dispenser Sumps
  •     Containments / Dykes Spill Clean Up